Rosie's Origins or, Where Did he Come From?


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One day in late July 2007, Joan (a friend of Caroline's who was staying with us) was sitting out on the patio having a coffee with me, when she asked if I had seen the pretty coloured bird which had just flown over. I had not and suggested it might be a woodpecker - since I could not think of another highly coloured bird, such as she described. Anyway, next day I am sitting out there again, when a small parrot flew over and settled on the balcony of a neighbouring building (we later discovered the owner was away on holiday so the bird was not being disturbed). Over the next few weeks Caroline and I started to look out for this parrot, which we had by now established was a Golden-Mantled Rosella, a native of Queensland, I believe. Caroline reckons that Pamela has come back to keep an eye on me!

Caroline reported our runaway to the local vet surgeries, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). They said if it was not injured they would not get involved, but said that it would not survive the winter without food and shelter. So we started to think about capturing it. All the professionals said it can't be done. But whilst looking at bird cages, which we might use as a trap, an assistant said why not try a plastic cat travelling box, which had a wide mesh door at one end.  

We then realised we needed to get the neighbour (who owned the balcony) involved. This was easily accomplished when Caroline saw her cleaning up after the parrot and called up to her. So Christine came to coffee, and we discussed tactics, She agreed to put the baited trap on a table on her balcony with the trip string led up though one of her windows to her sitting room. It was agreed that she would leave it for a few days to let the bird get used to going in and out to get at the parrot food. Well, it worked out exactly as anticipated and a week later on the following Saturday morning we were racing over to the RSPCA Stubbington Ark with the parrot in the box - happily munching away at the seed!    

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Alan Dobson 2007

originated: AWD - 28th December 2007